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Quality Policy


  • GENCA's mission is to MANUFACTURE AND MARKET STAINLESS STEEL PARTS FOR FLUID HANDLING, both threaded and for welding.
  • One of the company's strategic policies is to provide our customers with the best possible service, and, to this end, it has established exhaustive control of all processes to ensure efficient product quality, and always maintains a large supply of all products, in order to ensure rapid deliveries.


  • We're committed to constantly innovating our productive process to ensure continuous improvements in productivity and, in turn, product quality.
  • We're determined to achieve staff stability, in order to make sure that all our personnel are well equipped with both company knowledge and the appropriate experience and workplace training.
  • We seek to have the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art machinery for the manufacturing of our products, always updating it when necessary.
  • We aim to keep our work environment in perfect condition, in order to provide our staff with the best possible working conditions.

Operating Values

We will support and develop an organisation that:

  • Focuses on continuous improvement.
  • Meets the expectations of all customers and interested parties, complying with applicable legal requirements (on facilities, risk prevention, environment, and data protection).
  • Works together as a team.
  • Communicates openly and encourages feedback.
  • Guarantees proper training.
  • Provides a safe working environment.
  • Fosters initiative, innovation, and creativity.
  • Recognises individual and team achievements.
  • Delegates decision making to all competent levels.
  • Have respect for the environment and show sensitivity to all events related to climate change.

To this end, we will set indicators corresponding to each of our measurable parameters, to which we will assign values that will constitute our quality objectives for the fixed period.

These quality objectives shall be attached as an annex to this declaration, which will be jointly reviewed in pre-determined periods.

Our Company relationships—both internally with our collaborators, and externally with subcontractors, suppliers and customers—will be honest, objective and straightforward, always respecting the dignity of each individual as a member of our team.

We acknowledge that these are the common values within GENCA.

Certificación ISO-9001


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